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My name is Jewel, and welcome to my site! I started it to help people find out more about family law and divorce attorneys after my own experience. I have to tell you--getting a divorce is never pleasant, but sometimes it's the only option. I won't go into details, but in my old marriage I just had to get me and my kids out. But the legal stuff was a pain to deal with. Not to say it wasn't worth it, but it was definitely hard to navigate. Divorce papers, the custody battle--if you don't have a guide and a good lawyer, it is so difficult. So the purpose of this site is to help you work the system. Good luck making a better life for yourself!

Shoveling And De-Icing Corners: Who Is Responsible For Your Injuries When These Tasks Are Not Done Properly

If you are like most parents, you probably either walk or drive your child to school, especially if the school is really close and your district does not provide bussing for every child.  When you walk and you get to the corners to cross, are they clear of ice and snow in the winter? Have you been injured as a result of excess snow and ice on the corners of streets? Who is responsible for your medical bills under these circumstances? Here are the legal answers you seek to all of these questions.

Shoveling and De-Icing Street Corners: Who Is Responsible?

Legally, the person who owns the house on the corner is responsible for mowing the lawn on the curbs and corners and for clearing the snow and ice from the sidewalks and the starts of the crosswalks. If the corners border a commercial property, then the business owner or building owner is responsible for clearing ice and snow. When the corners border public or government property (e.g., a school sits on the corner property), then the school or local government is responsible for clearing all of the sidewalks, crossings etc. that are on the property.

What Happens When You Slip and Fall or Are Injured by Excess Snow and Ice?

When excess snow and ice are left on the crossways and the corners of sidewalks and you are injured because of it, you can sue the responsible party. That includes suing the school district or suing city government when their buildings are on the corner properties. (If you see crossing guards out clearning the snow and ice, they are trying to be helpful and keep walkers safe, but that typically is not part of their job duties. Ergo, do not sue them! It is not their fault.) You are entitled to compensation when your resulting injuries are debilitating enough to keep you from work or prevent you 

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer and Document Your Injuries

Now that you know who to sue, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Document your injuries and be sure to write down how the accident occurred. Get the name(s) of the property owner(s) on the corner where you were injured. If this is public or commercial street corner, get the name of the business owner, school district superintendent, mayor or building owner (whichever applies). Your lawyer will need all of this information to begin building your case. For more information, visit sites like