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How Marijuana Use Could Prevent Your Citizenship

For immigrants seeking citizenship in the United States, there are a number of issues that could prevent their eventual naturalization, including the failure to show good moral character. A display of good character must be established before an applicant can receive naturalization.

Still, applicants may not be aware that the use of a controlled substance can become an obstacle to naturalization. Although some substances are widely considered forbidden, marijuana may be erroneously viewed as permissible. 

Many states have approved the use, possession, and sale of the substance for medicinal purposes. Some even allow the recreational use of small amounts of marijuana. Nevertheless, the substance is still banned by federal regulations. As a result, violations against the federal laws governing marijuana and other controlled substances could be used as evidence that an immigrant does not display the moral character required to take the oath of naturalization. Here is a bit of additional information about marijuana and how it may affect your ability to become a U.S. citizen.

Is Marijuana Use a Problem If the Applicant Is Not Convicted of Drug-related Activities?

Activities involving marijuana can be problematic if the immigration applicant is convicted of a drug-related crime or if the applicant admits to drug involvement. Nevertheless, leniency may be granted in some cases if the amount of marijuana involved is below a specific weight and the offense was a one-time event. Exceptions may also be permitted in cases involving marijuana paraphernalia when only a small amount of the drug is present. To be sure, contact an immigration lawyer like those found at the firm American Dream Law Office before you admit to anything.

Does Marijuana Use Bar Applicants From Naturalization Permanently?

People who apply for naturalization should be aware that a conviction involving marijuana could bar them from naturalization indefinitely. 

Is Medicinal Use Allowed?

Even if marijuana is used for medicinal purposes, it could still prevent naturalization. An applicant who has met all other naturalization qualifications could still be blocked from becoming a U.S. citizen.

Is Marijuana Use an Issue for Candidates Seeking Green Cards or Temporary Visas?

Applicants who are applying for green cards or temporary visas may also face unfavorable decisions because of marijuana use, possession, or sales. The violation of federal laws concerning the drug is still viewed as an indication of poor moral character.

Even though many states have decided to permit the use of marijuana, the state laws do not supersede the federal laws as they relate to an immigrant seeking naturalization. If you have questions concerning marijuana use and immigration laws, contact an immigration attorney in your local area.