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My name is Jewel, and welcome to my site! I started it to help people find out more about family law and divorce attorneys after my own experience. I have to tell you--getting a divorce is never pleasant, but sometimes it's the only option. I won't go into details, but in my old marriage I just had to get me and my kids out. But the legal stuff was a pain to deal with. Not to say it wasn't worth it, but it was definitely hard to navigate. Divorce papers, the custody battle--if you don't have a guide and a good lawyer, it is so difficult. So the purpose of this site is to help you work the system. Good luck making a better life for yourself!

Green Card Marriage Interviews: What Questions Will You Be Asked?

Because of immigration law policy, prior to a green card marriage being approved, both spouses must undergo a very detailed interview to make certain that the union is indeed legit and valid. To help reduce the stress and anxiety that this process brings, it can be helpful to be familiar with the types of questions that are often asked. Here are four questions that you can expect to be asked at a green card marriage interview.

Where Did the Two of You First Meet?

The officer that is interviewing you will ask both of you an assortment of questions regarding the development and progression of your relationship, which will likely include your initial meeting. Some of the questions that will be asked will seem incredibly personal, such as how the two of you fell in love, where you went on your very first date, and so on, but it is imperative that these questions are answered honestly.

What Was Your Wedding Like?

The interviewing officer will ask questions about the location and date of your wedding, but he or she will also ask about specific details of the wedding. For instance, he or she may ask how many people attended the wedding, what the color scheme of the wedding was, and how many tiers the cake was made with.

What Do the Two of You Have for Breakfast in the Morning?

To help with the identification of marriage fraud, you will be asked about some of the most personal and seemingly small details of your day-to-day life. The officer may ask which one of you gets up first each morning, who goes to bed first, if one of you snores, how many alarms you each set, which side of the bed you each sleep on, what you enjoy eating for breakfast in the morning, and more.

How Did You Celebrate Your Spouse's Most Recent Birthday?

You will likely be asked if you know when your spouse's birthday is and how the two of you celebrated his or her most recent birthday. There is a good chance that the interviewing officer will ask about other standard celebrations, such as Valentine's Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on, and how you celebrate each year. For Halloween, be prepared to answer what you wore if you dressed up. You may be asked what restaurant you most recently ate out at, what movie you last saw together, and so on. 

It can be extremely stressful to prepare for a green card marriage interview, but if you have an immigration attorney in your corner, you can relieve a lot of that stress and obtain the best possible outcome. For more information, contact a law firm like that of Tesoroni & Leroy.