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3 Ways A Traffic Lawyer May Help You Get A Ticket Dismissed

Speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence (DUI), failure to follow traffic signals, lack of registration — there are all kinds of reasons why you can be slapped with a traffic ticket by authorities as a driver. While most people will get a ticket of some sort, pay their fines, and go on with life, there are some situations when it is best to hire a traffic lawyer to try to get the ticket dismissed. Sometimes, the cost of the ticket can be outrageous, sometimes, a ticket can be severely damaging to your driving record, and sometimes, a ticket can mean high insurance rates going forward. Check out three of the ways your traffic lawyer may try to get a ticket dismissed. 

They may negotiate a plea deal for a charge that is not quite so bad.

In some cases, pleading guilty to a slightly lesser charge can make a drastic difference in the overall cost of a ticket and the repercussions that can come from that ticket. For example, in some places, speeding over a certain extent can be considered reckless driving, but just getting the speed dropped by a few miles per hour can mean you just get a regular speeding ticket. If there is any way an attorney can get the court to offer a plea deal, it is oftentimes better to take it. 

They may recommend the court put you on probation instead. 

Getting placed on probation as a driver means you are more carefully monitored for subsequent offenses. If you break a rule of the road again, you can face stiffer penalties than you initially would have with a single ticket. However, if you do not get in trouble during the probation period, the initial charge may get dismissed. If you have not been in trouble as a driver before or not had many prior offenses, the traffic lawyer may be able to convince the court to put you on probation. 

They may find some technicality that allows the ticket to be dismissed completely. 

In many situations, traffic lawers can find some kind of technicality that could allow the ticket to be dismissed. For instance, if the officer who gave you a ticket did not use the proper equipment to estimate your speed, there could be a chance that the ticket could be dismissed. Or, if a field sobriety test was performed improperly with a ticket for a DUI, the lawyer may be able to get the charge dismissed.

Reach out to a traffic lawyer for more information.