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My name is Jewel, and welcome to my site! I started it to help people find out more about family law and divorce attorneys after my own experience. I have to tell you--getting a divorce is never pleasant, but sometimes it's the only option. I won't go into details, but in my old marriage I just had to get me and my kids out. But the legal stuff was a pain to deal with. Not to say it wasn't worth it, but it was definitely hard to navigate. Divorce papers, the custody battle--if you don't have a guide and a good lawyer, it is so difficult. So the purpose of this site is to help you work the system. Good luck making a better life for yourself!

Steps to Undertake After Being Hit By Another Vehicle

If you had an accident with another vehicle, you will most likely check on the damage sustained as well as exchange insurance information with the other party involved. If you believe the incident occurred due to the negligence of the other motorist, there are some steps you should take to protect yourself should they try to flip the blame for the occurrence on you in order to get compensation. Here are some tips you can use immediately after getting into an accident with another vehicle to protect yourself in case the other driver tries to falsify information to benefit themselves.

Get Checked Over by a Medical Professional

If the incident did not require you to take an ambulance to the hospital, you should still go to your regular physician immediately following the incident to have a thorough examination done. Many people find themselves in a state of shock after the impact of an accident, and this causes them not to feel pain as adrenaline kicks in. They will then find out later they have sustained an injury that needs treatment.

Your doctor will provide detailed documentation at your request specifying the extent of your injuries. This can be used in a court of law should the other motorist try to press charges against you. The injuries sustained may show they could have only been caused if your vehicle was struck in a specific way and prove you were not the one who caused the accident.

Alert Authorities About the Situation

It is best to call the local police to let them know about the accident that occurred. They will provide traffic control help to keep other motorists safe on the roadway if necessary. They will also write up a report about their findings when they have arrived on the scene. Let the other motorist know you have made a call to the police. This will most likely help keep them on the scene rather than take a risk in driving away. If they do try to leave, take a photograph of their license plate to give to the authorities upon their arrival.

Gather Witnesses and Surveillance Information

If there were others in the area when your accident occurred, ask them for their names and phone numbers before they leave. If you need to go to court to fight an accident suit, they will be able to give a synopsis of what they saw leading up to the accident. Check with local businesses and homes near the scene of the occurrence to see whether they have video surveillance pointing toward the roadway. Your attorney will also check with road officials to see whether there are traffic cameras in the area that may have retained footage to evaluate. Talk to a law firm such as Swartz & Swartz P.C. for more information.