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My name is Jewel, and welcome to my site! I started it to help people find out more about family law and divorce attorneys after my own experience. I have to tell you--getting a divorce is never pleasant, but sometimes it's the only option. I won't go into details, but in my old marriage I just had to get me and my kids out. But the legal stuff was a pain to deal with. Not to say it wasn't worth it, but it was definitely hard to navigate. Divorce papers, the custody battle--if you don't have a guide and a good lawyer, it is so difficult. So the purpose of this site is to help you work the system. Good luck making a better life for yourself!

Types Of Compensation For Motorcycle Accidents

If you own a motorcycle, you likely understand the dangers associated with riding it. However, you may feel as though you are a careful rider and doubt that you will ever get involved in an accident. Unfortunately, many experienced motorcycle riders may find themselves injured due to careless mistakes made by drivers. As such, it is important to know in advance what you might need to do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. These accidents can disrupt life in a number of ways. Sometimes insurance companies make settlement offers, but they might not be fair. When this occurs, a personal injury case might be needed. The following points represent some compensable damages that injured motorcyclists could qualify for.

Property Damage

You can get compensated for the damages to your motorcycle. If it is damaged beyond repair, funds to get a replacement motorcycle can be taken into consideration. Repair costs can also be included when a motorcycle is salvageable. 

Medical Expenses

You should go to the hospital immediately following an accident. However, that may not be the only medical expense you have. Sometimes there is a recovery process involving therapies and various doctor and specialist appointments. As a victim, you should not have to be responsible for these future costs. Some individuals experience pain for the duration of their lives. All of these future medical costs need to be considered when a settlement is being negotiated. 

Punitive Damages

This is a type of compensation that a judge may impose based on the circumstances surrounding an accident. These damages may be awarded if a party that showed gross negligence was involved in a high-risk activity such as drinking and driving or speeding.

Loss of Income

If the motorcycle accident causes you to miss work, you can include that in your settlement. Sometimes accidents cause injuries that can take weeks or months to heal. There are also serious accidents that may cause injuries that make it impossible for victims to ever return to work due to disability.

A personal injury lawyer is a good resource to use when seeking compensation after a motorcycle accident. They can help you negotiate settlements associated with your injury. The value of a case depends on several factors and they will know the best way to calculate your damages. If the insurance company is unwilling to negotiate, attorneys can file the appropriate paperwork to take the case to court. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information.