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What Types of Evidence Can a Personal Injury Attorneys Collect?

If you've been hurt in an accident, you may be eligible for compensation from the at-fault party. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in presenting your case in court and gathering evidence to support your claim. This article will look at the types of evidence personal injury attorneys can collect and how they can assist with this step.

1. Documentation of the Case

A personal injury attorney can help subpoena some medical records and documentation, which means they'll have access to everything from medical bills to incident reports to pay stubs that can be used as evidence during your trial. If you had surgery or x-rays done after an accident, it might even be possible for your lawyer to gain access to them, depending on what state you live in.

2. Eyewitness Testimony

Your attorney will talk to witnesses and ask them to account for what they saw. However, eyewitnesses aren't always accurate; even honest, well-meaning witnesses can make mistakes. Therefore, eyewitness testimony is often secondary to physical evidence (like photos and medical reports).

But if your attorney finds multiple collaborating eyewitnesses, they may be able to use their statements in court if you and your defendant disagree on what happened.

3. Security Camera Video Footage

Today, most workplaces have security cameras. Footage from these cameras can serve as compelling evidence in a personal injury case. Security cameras are getting more advanced every year. Some systems have facial recognition technology and license plate recognition software.

It makes it easier to prove who was involved in an accident. Personal injury attorneys can use this footage for credible evidence of events as they happened.

4. Scene of Accident Evidence

A personal injury attorney will seek out any evidence that can help establish fault and determine liability. In any accident, there will be evidence left in the aftermath. For example, a workplace injury may have broken down equipment. Your lawyer can present this physical evidence.

5. Expert Witness Testimony

You should also remember that it's not just about proving that you were hurt. You'll need to prove what caused your injury, and it will likely help if you can demonstrate that you didn't cause or contribute to your injuries. For example, your lawyer can call a physiotherapist to explain how poor posture at work has led to chronic lower back pain.

A competent hand in gathering evidence is required to prove a personal injury claim, so you need an experienced legal hand to collect it. Make an appointment with personal injury attorneys to discuss your options. 

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